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Oct 2017
Oct 13 2017 07:02
Want to run reaction commerce with cordova,
What will be the command to run RC with cordova.
I tried "reaction run ios" but it is simply starting reaction server.
Also tried "meteor run ios" but it not initiating.
Any help for RC,.
Spencer Norman
Oct 13 2017 15:19
Hi @ashishgokhale you’re not the first to ask about how to get Reaction to run with cordova, but it’s not something we currently test or support
Ákos Gábriel
Oct 13 2017 15:24
Spencer Norman
Oct 13 2017 15:45
hi @gabrielke we’ve eliminated our development branch in favor of feature branches, so that link won’t work. try the master branch docs
Can you point me towards where you found that link as well so we can get it corrected? (Or feel free to make a PR!)
Sophie He
Oct 13 2017 16:03
Hi all. The next Reaction Action livestream is on 10/24 at 8am PT. Our entire distributed team will be joining us in Santa Monica, so now's your chance to meet all our devs on-air. :sparkles: RSVP here:
Umang Rastogi
Oct 13 2017 19:11
like magento and prestashop etc does reaction have a plugin store?
Ákos Gábriel
Oct 13 2017 21:07
@spencern just click on "store guide" on page
Spencer Norman
Oct 13 2017 21:08
Thanks! cc: @machikoyasuda
Oct 13 2017 23:40
Hi there, i just discovered reaction commerce and i m wondering if it s production ready ?