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Dec 2017
Dec 17 2017 12:29
hey guys, bit clueless about where to put the images for the themes. anyone free to assist?
Dec 17 2017 13:59
@joshuacox Thanks I fixed it by changing script, I updated script to do curl | sh and got rid of rest of the code
@joshuacox I wasn't aware of your dev docker image , looks pretty handy I will start using it
Brent Hoover
Dec 17 2017 14:20
@particeps Currently you need to move your images to public the root of the project to serve them. We have a PR in that should allow you to keep your images inside your plugin
Josh Cox
Dec 17 2017 15:09
@nurub52 I find that dev image especially useful when I'm logged into some monster server with coreOS or rancherOS on it, where installing node does not make sense. Let me know if you have issues.
Dec 17 2017 16:41
@joshuacox I am trying to use docker image as docker run --name reactiondev -i -p 3002:3000 -v pwd:/home/node/reaction joshuacox/reactiondev Getting
passing 'reaction' to
Not in a Reaction app directory. To create a new app, run: reaction init
@joshuacox nevermind my bad