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Feb 2018
Sebastian Alvarado
Feb 04 2018 00:21
@mori5ive Typo.
I am trying to set up the Swag Shop plugin to learn more about making plugins. I have the error: described in troubleshooting. Do we need to have imagemick installed
Feb 04 2018 00:51
has anyone been able to add their own collection to the db through their plugin?
Sebastian Alvarado
Feb 04 2018 02:06
What is the best way to build for production?? I created a docker container and pushed it to some VMs in Digital Ocean and it takes a looong time to load.
Is there any flag i can pass to compile it for production?
Brent Hoover
Feb 04 2018 04:41
@sebasalvarado When you do meteor build by default you are building for production
Sebastian Alvarado
Feb 04 2018 06:00
Thanks for the response @zenweasel. So how do I create a docker image of the built application? Is that what I'm doing by following the steps on:
Brent Hoover
Feb 04 2018 06:04
Yes, the section under "custom build"
Morteza Khamseh
Feb 04 2018 18:10
@sebasalvarado tnx
How to run reaction init with pm2 ?? Create service app and use pm2 monit?
Patrick Newell
Feb 04 2018 19:45
is there a guide for bringing in additional fonts (or upgrading font awesome)?