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Feb 2018
Feb 17 2018 11:09
hello there
what's the price of hosted solution?
Is there any demo for the app?
Feb 17 2018 14:06
@Hitaro the demo is at
@Hitaro can't speak on pricing, you'd need to speak to an employee
Patrick Newell
Feb 17 2018 18:37
@AndrijWilhite there are many plugins which do this by adding a section to the Admin menu where API keys/secrets can be entered and stored in the database.
On the other hand, if you are uncomfortable storing keys in the database, you could use environment variables, accessing them (server-side) with process.env.VARIABLE_NAME.
The Core mail service is an example where both techniques are used. you can set your connection string either in MAIL_URL or as part of the Shop's settings.