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Feb 2018
Morteza Khamseh
Feb 19 2018 09:49
somebody made a different template or bought from templates Stores
Younes Brg
Feb 19 2018 10:06
Hello there
can trade reaction be hosted with netlify?
Loan Laux
Feb 19 2018 10:54
@YounesBrg From what I see, Netlify seems to be a static website hosting service, right?
Younes Brg
Feb 19 2018 12:51
@loanlaux I do not know if it's only for static sites, that's why I'm asking if it could not work with Netlify
I am not a developer and I am in full discovery ;-)
Younes Brg
Feb 19 2018 12:59
@loanlaux Un parisien ?
Loan Laux
Feb 19 2018 13:55
Exactement, haha
But let's talk in english so that others can understand
So from what I understood, it's a static website hosting service, which means it won't be able to run Reaction's Meteor back-end at all. For hosting options, you might want to look at a Digital Ocean VPS (super basic solution), Meteor Galaxy (costly but very simple to use) or a custom-built AWS architecture (very flexible, probably cost-effective if you're a DevOps guy). But it's hard to recommend anything without some more info on the project itself.
Feb 19 2018 15:08
pretty sure that's a hard no on netlify
looks like you can use heroku, but that seems a bit more involved and would probably be easier just using Digital Ocean or similar as @loanlaux suggested :)
William Moss
Feb 19 2018 16:00
I would like sellers to 1) select which countries they are willing to sell to, and 2) set rates by parcel weight by country (or list of countries). I would see this as an essential feature? - @zenweasel is something like this in the pipeline? If not, any suggestions before I get to work - Is reaction set up for me to add shipping methods, or am I best to add functionality to the reaction-flat-rate package? Cheers!
Michael Jenny
Feb 19 2018 20:03
@willmoss1000 Regarding first question: I think you can modify the country array in the shop document. This should restrict the countries available in checkout. Not sure, if this would be enough though from a usability perspective. Maybe it would be better to tell the user what countries are shipped to before he is ready to checkout.
Feb 19 2018 23:33
When I try to deploy with heroku and push the repo with basically the "swag shop" plugin it doesn't appear ....I download the plugin than "meteor npm install" and than git add commit (but imports/plugin/custom path is gitignored so I push just public/plugin and private/plugin folders to repo) than "git push heroku master" but plugin doesn't working. Where i get wrong??🤨