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Feb 2018
Feb 23 2018 00:16
Reaction 1.8 is out :tada:
Some highlights - We're dynamically importing moment.js and we now have a HOC you can use to require moment -
A new tutorial on how to make a custom home page plugin
Loan Laux
Feb 23 2018 09:50
Excited about this version! Congrats to everyone who contributed. :+1:
I'm bumping yesterday's message as it is quite urgent. Hopefully someone here (even from the core team?) can provide some help.
Could anyone here guide me about adding custom fields to the ProductSearch record? Reading the source code of search-mongo, I understood that I'll have to specify my custom fields in settings.private.products.includes, inside my custom search plugin's register.js. Is that correct? If so, is this feature documented anywhere?
I'm referring to line 78 of /imports/plugins/included/search-mongo/server/methods/searchcollections.js
Amalan Jenicious
Feb 23 2018 10:00
how to implement custom image upload in reaction platform
Michael Jenny
Feb 23 2018 10:04
@loanlaux would love to help, but haven't done anything with search yet. Maybe @zenweasel can help?
Loan Laux
Feb 23 2018 10:13
Alright guys I found the answer to my question, but thanks anyway! :)
Code was pretty self-explanatory, but sometimes it just doesn't click. Would be nice to have this documented though.
Michael Jenny
Feb 23 2018 10:26
:sparkles: :confetti_ball:
Patrick Newell
Feb 23 2018 11:08
whoa... that 1.8 changelog! nice work y'all
Feb 23 2018 13:57
@zenweasel thanks