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Apr 2018
Apr 02 2018 13:34
Any updates on the plans for product titles, descriptions, etc., in multiple languages? @zenweasel
Or did you find/create a solution @sabeersulaiman ?
Apr 02 2018 13:59

How to access existing methods call like REST API?

Issue Description

We used 'simple:rest' to expose the APIs and also aware of
We added new APIs, But How to use the existing exposed via 'simple:rest'?

"_id": "/methods/shop/createTag",
"methods": [
"path": "/methods/shop/createTag"

server/methods/core/shop.js -> // LINE 607

  • @name shop/createTag
    "shop/createTag"(tagName, isTopLevel) {
    check(tagName, String);
    check(isTopLevel, Boolean);

Just would like to know, cant we call 'methods/shop/createTag' like REST API?

How to pass values through the request to get 'req.body' or 'req.param'?

Help us to achieve?


We need write our own logic to achieve this by implementing own API and need to call something like below?

JsonRoutes.add('post', '/create/tag', function (req, res) {
var tagName = req.body.tagName;
const newTagId ="shop/createTag", tagName, false);

Just want know the right Approach?

Please help...

Marc Schipperheyn
Apr 02 2018 17:02
@loanlaux @zenweasel I was struggling this weekend to try to get a cloud dev server deployed through docker with a remote mountable volume, so I can actually start getting stuff done instead of waiting for reloads. It turned out to be a task that required a lot of knowledge about Docker. I'm relatively new to Docker. I got part of the way, but not close to completion. If anyone wants to take a look and give some pointes?
Nuruddin Badawi
Apr 02 2018 17:25
@tawashy did you have any update in your issue i have the same ?
Apr 02 2018 21:23
@nuruddinXbadawi not yet. i still don’t know what causing the issue.
William Moss
Apr 02 2018 21:37
Are there instructions anywhere for how to setup prerender on reaction - and is it working, as I realise the docs and issues i've seen are from a while ago?