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Apr 2018
Nguyen Duong Vu
Apr 07 2018 00:20
I faced this when I run reaction debug
Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 10.51.27 PM.png
I could run but I never success with running debug mode
Gabo Esquivel
Apr 07 2018 02:34

Hey Guys, hopefully you can point in the right direction.
I’m new to meteor/reaction, Sr. JS dev.

What package do I need to use in order to connect our OpenId server powered by

It’s Standard OpenId ( certified server )

Should this work ?

I bit lost with meteor/reaction, really new. I’d appreciate very much any guidance.

Gabo Esquivel
Apr 07 2018 02:53
When we add that package to our Reaction app, reaction automatically add ad button that says "login with oidc”.
We have no idea where can we set the configuration for that accounts-oidc package
Is there a startup script, lifecycle method or specific place for this configuration.
We need to pass accounts-oidc the right configuration.
Apr 07 2018 07:34
Please let me know that we want to add some images on Reaction tab but, we unable to find in which template it shows the Reaction tab on navigation bar.
Apr 07 2018 07:42
Please help us to resolve our issue.
Apr 07 2018 12:24
From last 2 days I have tried to search the default page in reaction commerce project but didn't succeed. On default page we have to chnage ui. So, Please help us.
Apr 07 2018 18:50
hey everyone!
Do you know if there's some sort of marketplace to buy reaction plugins that extend basic store functionality existing?
Smth like wordpress plugin directory or magento marketplace. And if no (I found nothing yet), are there any plans to create some platform where this would be possible?
I know it's possible to extend things yourself, but it might be more effective to just buy some things that come pre-built, are tested and supported, in terms of costs first of all.