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Apr 2018
Apr 13 2018 03:56
Hi all! I have been reviewing Reaction Commerce and other ecommerce projects for a quite some time, and I have to say good work guys! It's impressive what you guys have achieved so far in such a short time frame! We have a small and we are ready to contribute :) Just one roadblock between us and the RC community right now, our management and operation side. We have shown the community submission projects ( to our operating team to test and get the feel, but they all came back with one major issue: the initial loading speed on all of them are not very optimal. We then went deeper into the discussion on GitHub regarding the performance issues, knowing there is an going effort to make it better. I just want some help here on how to justify to the management side for us to give RC a try? Could the ones in the showcase are not running an optimal server for the project? Any inputs on how to improve on the initial load time? We are looking for the right javascript code base to build a marketplace like Thanks in advance!
Apr 13 2018 04:08
@lkfgit as you probably know, the only way to get the time-to-first-render really low on a single page app like Reaction is to use server-side rendering. I'm not one of the devs, but I'd say Reaction commerce is going to get proper SSR in 2018, but it depends on how soon they can fully switch from the Blaze template engine to React (reactioncommerce/reaction-feature-requests#7). This long initial load time is one of my biggest reservations too, so I made a plugin to help a little:
Apr 13 2018 10:07
hi, where and when the Reaction Plugins (eg /imports/plugins/core/accounts/server &/imports/plugins/core/accounts/client ) are loaded?
@zenweasel hi, where and when the Reaction Plugins(eg /imports/plugins/core/accounts/server &/imports/plugins/core/accounts/client ) are loaded?
Apr 13 2018 10:16
Reaction.registerPackage(server\api\core\core.js) don't load (/imports/plugins/core/accounts/server &/imports/plugins/core/accounts/client )
registerPackage(packageInfo) {
const registeredPackage = this.Packages[] = packageInfo;
return registeredPackage;
Nikolay Tsenkov
Apr 13 2018 12:55

Hey everyone, I am looking into using Reaction for selling of virtual goods (software, specifically). I haven't got any responses, yet, so I thought of asking here, as well. This is the topic

Has anyone used it for such a purpose?

Any plugins that you would like to point me to (already know about reaction-file-collections), or advice you would like to share - is very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Apr 13 2018 16:13
Hey everyone,how and when Reaction Plugins are loaded? is in the command "reaction" ?
Ishmael Nkosikhona Sibisi
Apr 13 2018 16:32
@hitachi19 I believe it's the first thing that is loaded because your plugins can ultimately change that whole app.
I am playing around thing the reaction-swag-shop and every time I open a tag url ie http://localhost:3000/tag/Male I just get a black page, no console log, no error just a black screen. Does anyone have an idea of what my coz this. Thanks in advanced.