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Apr 2018
Apr 19 2018 06:55 UTC
When I first installed reaction, the mail environment variable settings were wrong, but no matter how I reinstalled, I could not change the wrong e-mail address.
Who help me? Thanks
William Moss
Apr 19 2018 13:06 UTC
Could someone please check for me if the social media links on their emails are not working? i.e. are going to rather than
Gregory Scheerlinck
Apr 19 2018 13:48 UTC
Hey, my company is looking for innovative ecommerce platforms and I found reaction in my research, I'd really like to convince them as I'm very big on js myself, but I'm finding very few stores on the website or in the wild, any chance anyone could point me to a few more links of reaction stores in production?
Esteban Montes
Apr 19 2018 23:05 UTC
how can replace the logo in the navbar ?