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Apr 2018
William Moss
Apr 20 2018 08:30
@greg-js artlimes is the nicest one i've seen. Here's a doc with the ones reported, although I expect there are a lot more
I expect there will be a lot more over the coming months. I think the front-end being in react is a major plus for a lot of people?
Gregory Scheerlinck
Apr 20 2018 08:43
@willmoss1000 Thanks for the link, I did check those out already, was just hoping for a few more as it's on me to convince my somewhat JS-wary colleagues! React is definitely a huge plus for me personally! :)
William Moss
Apr 20 2018 09:00
@greg-js I just built one, at . Still a lot of work to do, but enough fort the MVP. Personally I don't think there's any reason to be wary of a JS website now - all the tools are there for SEO etc. Someone from the core-team would be much better at answering any particular queries you have though.
Gregory Scheerlinck
Apr 20 2018 09:05
@willmoss1000 Thanks! Yeah, I'm a big JS-guy myself, but it's still a tough sell when you're surrounded by PHP people ;)
Daniel Honig
Apr 20 2018 09:45
@willmoss1000 cool marketplace :)
William Moss
Apr 20 2018 10:59
Cheers @dhonig ! Still a lot I'd like to do, but working alright for now :smile:
Apr 20 2018 11:27
Is it possible to create a custom plugin for graphql API endpoint?
William Moss
Apr 20 2018 12:07
Does adding a google analytics api key to reaction.json still work?
I'm happy with a very simple implementation for now, I'm aware the google analytics events don't work
If not, what's the best way to simply add an analytics script to the head of every page?
Apr 20 2018 14:46

hi everyone!
Does any one have any problem deploying reaction to heroku?

i just pulled the latest release and tried to deploy it on heroku. At first i faced the memory issue which i solved with this TOOL_NODE_FLAGS = --max_old_space_size=4096. Then, the deployment went smoothly. however, when i tried to open it on the browser the app crashes.

any help or suggestions ?

David Rouyer
Apr 20 2018 16:28
Hi, I'm interested in Reaction for my marketplace but I have 2 important questions/blockers: does it have a SSR implementation for SEO and is it RGDP compliant?
José Luis Di Biase
Apr 20 2018 17:58
hi! i added products with pictures, but as guest i can see the pictures on the detail not on the grid
anyone knows which permission do i have to add to guest user?
(logged admin user can see pictures on grid)
Apr 20 2018 19:16
ok guys i have tried and tried, i even refreshed my computer but for some reason i can never get Reaction Commerce installed on Windows 10 version as of April 20th, 2018 with intel i3 processor, 1TB storage, 6GB Memory. I have seen so many people in here talking about it and its features but i can't seem to get it to work for me, helppppp
Sophie He
Apr 20 2018 20:42
Hi everyone! The next Reaction Action will be on May 8 at 8am PT. We'll be giving a live demo of our platform, so for those of you who've yet to install, it'll be a good one to catch. RSVP here:
Chris Corrigan
Apr 20 2018 20:43
I'm wondering if Reaction Commerce has features to handle wholesale - so basically customer member groups and multiple prices per product associated with customer groups?