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Apr 2018
Apr 23 2018 06:09
Hi All,
How can we enable product sorting and filtering features in reaction?
Apr 23 2018 09:18
I use swag-shop plugin in my reaction project(1.8.2). and run export SKIP_FIXTURES=1 && reaction. I
get the following error: TypeError: Schemas.Tag.extend is not a function @zenweasel
Sebastian Rindom
Apr 23 2018 09:39
How can I deploy a shop on the Reaction Platform with the swag-shop plugin working? When I deploy the app right now the shop isn't customized:
Daniel Honig
Apr 23 2018 13:33
@srindom have you gotten the plugin working in development?
Akarshit Wal
Apr 23 2018 13:36
@hitachi19 That was a bug that has been fixed now. Are you on the latest version?
Yanlin Li
Apr 23 2018 22:57
Is there a way to stop reaction cleanly? It seems like when I use ctrl c, there are always some process not killed cleanly.