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May 2018
May 01 2018 04:05

thanks @aldeed @loanlaux
I understand how to use "ProductGridMedia" .

But In my app (react native app), I need get product Variant title, If I use the Catalog collection (subscribe to "Products/grid") , I cant get any product Variant info.

Nikolay Tsenkov
May 01 2018 08:23
@dhonig @loanlaux Thanks for the reply guys.
@dhonig That was my plan (I just am not sure if the plugin has to be rebuilt from inside the container - still don't know enough about the architecture of Reaction). I wanted to see if someone is developing plugins in this way and just reuse the setup. What, in your opinion, would be a reason not to develop plugins (unit tests + manual test in production-like env through docker) in this way?
I will share some progress as soon as I set something up, btw.
Thanks again for your input. I appreciate it.
Daniel Honig
May 01 2018 18:36
@nicroto I see no reason not to develop with docker, but I wouldn't make reaction my first docker development experience.
So I'm working on a larger store, and I am wondering if we could make the workTimeout for building the ProductSearch collection something configurable. There is a nasty thing that happens when jobs fail because of the work timeout. Jobs continue to spawn and restart and fail in a vicious cycle of death until it knocks out our mongo replicaset. I'm wondering if this is worth filing a github issue. The problem is resolved when workTimeout is set to 5 hours
Nagireddy Srichakradhar Reddy
May 01 2018 19:07
what is the right way to run reaction
every time i do reaction or reaction run it takes hell lot of time
Harshal Yeole
May 01 2018 19:08
just use reaction
And yes it takes time to load.
Nagireddy Srichakradhar Reddy
May 01 2018 19:08
it starts with installing dependencies, scan projects, build proxy
isn't there a way to skip all those?
Harshal Yeole
May 01 2018 19:09
It takes approx 5-10 mins for me on my mac mini.
Nagireddy Srichakradhar Reddy
May 01 2018 19:09
npm is supposed to be fast for the reason it doesn't build everything everytime. doesn't it?
okay :worried:
I'm on Windows 10
Dan Castellon
May 01 2018 20:52
Hello! Are there any plans to create an admin products dashboard? Or are users liking the current inline editing?