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May 2018
Renato Marinho
May 03 2018 04:40
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Loan Laux
May 03 2018 07:13
@nicroto It's not compatible with 1.11 yet
May 03 2018 07:21
The roadmap at isn’t up to date anymore it seems
Nikolay Tsenkov
May 03 2018 07:54
@loanlaux Thanks.
May 03 2018 09:13

How to upload non-image file to reaction server in in v.1.10.x?

in v.1.8, I implemented upload non-image file to reaction server by modify Meteor-CollectionFS code. but I dont know how to implement upload non-image file (.json or others) to reaction server with reaction-file-collections in v.1.10.x . any tip?
thanks @Akarshit @zenweasel @aldeed

May 03 2018 13:18
Hi guys, do you know why when I'm adding an i18 key and value the Swag en.json I don't get the translation value in the UI?
Amalan Jenicious
May 03 2018 13:19
Hi Everyone
Do anyone know how to configure in reaction platform for
rich snippet. I planned to do it for products.
May 03 2018 13:23
although it's stored in the translation collection, it's not appearing in the UI.
Daniel Honig
May 03 2018 14:56
@nicroto I just meant, I would make sure to be familiar with using Docker for development purposes before using it in reaction.
Nikolay Tsenkov
May 03 2018 15:33
@dhonig I learn new technologies primarily by using them. My question wasn't connected with issue I don't know how to solve with docker, though - I was trying to determine what would be the optimal plugin development workflow and I still think it would be awesome, if in every plugin's repo I just have a docker-compose file and with a single command I get Reaction running in a container, auto-updating on plugin source change. Thanks for the reply.
Dave Koo
May 03 2018 18:33
Hey guys, I'm working on trying to get the RC homepage rendered using SSR. I've looked at the "basic example" here: I'm thinking of putting the onPageLoad() callback inside an "afterCoreInit" event hook on both the client & server. I think the next step would be to figure out where to import the application component from (<App> in the basic example) on both client and server so that it renders the same on both. Could anyone point me in the right direction? I'm new to RC but have a lot of experience with Meteor.
Will also need to know what HTML element id to render the App component into on the server and "hydrate" into on the client. I see "react-root" and "reactionAppContainer"...are either of those it?
Dave Koo
May 03 2018 18:43
@zenweasel many thanks if you can help point me in the right direction with this ^^^
Dan Castellon
May 03 2018 19:21
I'm seeing an issue on Galaxy where product images do not show on the grid page. Has anyone seen this before?
Marco Aurélio Sulzbacher
May 03 2018 21:10
please, i need help to deploy into Digital Ocean
Can I help, me?