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May 2018
May 04 2018 09:40
Hi All,
I am using RC1.10 and added reaction-swag-shop plugin.
Later I removed all unnecessary functions from reaction-swag-shop and only kept Private/layout.json
But when I add some product from Admin panel then it is not shown to customers.
Does anyone have any idea?
Loan Laux
May 04 2018 09:52
@MWPAWAR Are you publishing these products? Are their variants visible? Are the product themselves visible?
May 04 2018 10:03
Are the product themselves visible?
-- Products are visible when I go to edit from admin panel. But if i toggle that to off then products are not displayed after clicking on shop tag. (I assigned shop tag to new product while creating)
Are you publishing these products
Yes. I am publishing those products after creating. Only one variant is added.
Loan Laux
May 04 2018 10:04
And is that variant made visible?
May 04 2018 10:37
Loan Laux
May 04 2018 11:11
Then I'm afraid I have no idea. Without seeing the modifications made to reaction-swag-shop, it's hard to tell what's wrong.
Dan Castellon
May 04 2018 14:04
@Marcosul The docs show you how to deploy w/ Docker to Digital Ocean here -
Sebastian Rindom
May 04 2018 18:52
Can anyone guide me on how to unit test my packages? I would like to use Jest but it seems like the there are a few issues with imported meteor packages.