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May 2018
Duy Anh
May 07 2018 04:07 UTC
sorry for dumb question but have anyone created a whole new custom page? I mean not just a custom landing page, I want to create a market place where user can register/login and post a product with custom layout, etc.. . I have been struggling with this in the past 3 days. Again, sorry for dumb question
Ishmael Nkosikhona Sibisi
May 07 2018 12:17 UTC
@duyanhv It is not a dumb question, Reaction can get very confusing for a beginner and simple things become a nightmare. I would suggest reading up on adding custom routes and then you can look at the api documantation for api calls that can add users etc...
How does one go about changing the email template currency? I am very close to just hard coding it.
William Moss
May 07 2018 12:22 UTC
When I call const shop = Shops.findOne({ _id: shopId }); I set the Shop object, however if it's not the primary shop it doesn't return the Currencies object - which I know exists as it shows up in Robo 3T. Does anyone know why this would be - could it be to do with currencies being registered as a blackbox in the schema?
William Moss
May 07 2018 12:33 UTC
@cyber-claws yes, I has this issue too. I think if you look in the methods for orders you can see where emails are sent, and the currency information that is passed to them.
Hi guys! On the admin page how can I save the changes of the Localisation and i18n tab? For example when I change the default currency from USD to something else and close the tab, then open it the default currency becomes USD again. There's no save button like on the other tabs, so I have no idea how to save the changes. Can someone help me?
William Moss
May 07 2018 13:22 UTC
@l1pz I believe it should save when you change it without a save button. Are you on the latest version? If this isn't working then you'll need to file an issue, or see if you can figure out why it isn't. I remember having a similar issue, and I ended up changing it directly in the database
Loan Laux
May 07 2018 14:36 UTC
Hey all! I just released a Product Review plugin for Reaction Commerce. If any of you wants to use it in a project, contribute or suggest new features, check out the repo. :wink:
Jussi Vesa
May 07 2018 14:45 UTC
🔥nice work! Have to test it soon! Once my Docker build succeeds😵
Ishmael Nkosikhona Sibisi
May 07 2018 14:48 UTC
@willmoss1000 okay thanks I will check.
@loanlaux The real MVP.
Patrick Newell
May 07 2018 14:50 UTC
Loan Laux
May 07 2018 14:55 UTC
Also: it's under MIT license, which means you're free to resell/sublicense it to a client of yours. :money_with_wings: The only obligation is to keep the credits in the settings panel. It's an obligation anyway since Reaction is under GNU-GPL and plugins have to be GNU-compatible... Just thought it'd be good to bring it up since not everyone is familiar with what each license means exactly.
Patrick Newell
May 07 2018 15:01 UTC
@srindom I have written a few Jest tests and have definitely run into the imported meteor packages issue.
:one: If you are testing code which does not rely on these meteor packages (i.e., you have added code to an existing file), @aldeed gave me a great suggestion recently to pull my methods out into a separate file and mix them in where needed, allowing you to test your code in isolation
:two: if you are testing code which does rely on these packages, you will need to mock some functionality here: /imports/test-utils/__mocks__/meteor (test code is run through the moduleNameMapper prior to running which replaces all meteor packages with stubs. see the "jest" section of package.json)
May 07 2018 17:06 UTC
Hi , I am new to Reaction Commerce . I have deployed RC in windosw 10 and able to launch the app. When I re run using reaction run I am getting a blank page. And in the console I a getting the below error
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'name' of undefined
at TagNav.renderShopSelect (app.js:51277)
at TagNav.render (app.js:51306)
at finishClassComponent (modules.js:253475)
at updateClassComponent (modules.js:253452)
at beginWork (modules.js:253827)
at performUnitOfWork (modules.js:255826)
at workLoop (modules.js:255890)
at HTMLUnknownElement.callCallback (modules.js:246144)
at Object.invokeGuardedCallbackDev (modules.js:246183)
at invokeGuardedCallback (modules.js:246040)
modules.js:255349 The above error occurred in the <Reaction(TagNav)> component:
in Reaction(TagNav) (created by TagNavContainer)
in div (created by TagNavContainer)
in TagNavContainer (created by Tracker(TagNavContainer))
in Tracker(TagNavContainer) (created by Reaction(NavBar))
in header (created by Reaction(NavBar))
in div (created by Reaction(NavBar))
in Reaction(NavBar) (created by Tracker(Reaction(NavBar)))
in Tracker(Reaction(NavBar))
in div (created by Reaction(coreLayout))
in Reaction(coreLayout) (created by Route)
in Route
in Switch (created by Reaction(App))
in div (created by Reaction(App))
in Reaction(App) (created by Tracker(Reaction(App)))
in Tracker(Reaction(App))
in TranslationProvider (created by Tracker(TranslationProvider))
in Tracker(TranslationProvider)
in Router (created by BrowserRouter)
in BrowserRouter
Michael Duane Mooring
May 07 2018 18:37 UTC
Any tips on what to try if the dev auto-reload on-save takes minutes each time?
I've been stopping and restarting the app for a while now which is much faster for me.
I'm working remote SSH'd into a server, maybe that's why?
Team Racing
May 07 2018 19:31 UTC
very new to RC and having the most exciting time trying to get it to run, takes 10-20 minutes on init reaction start then eventually dies with out of memory java heap exception. I've tried this on a DO 2gb and 4gb droplet. I've also tried passing in the --max-old-space-size=2048 in command line and env
the process eventually dies
ideas on a postcard are most welcome :)
this is ubuntu 16.04/NodeV8... I've also tried just for the fun of it ubuntu 18.04/NodeV10 and same result
William Moss
May 07 2018 19:39 UTC
@teamracing have you tried running it locally?
@mikeumus have you tried reaction && METEOR_DISABLE_OPTIMISTIC_CACHING=1
I've also removed all the packages I don't need, and yes the fastest way is sadly sometimes to kill and restart
For me at least
Team Racing
May 07 2018 19:44 UTC
@willmoss1000 no I have not but I would prefer not to be honest
would be good to have someone update the basic instructions at the very least as they do not appear to work. Going to try docker next I guess
William Moss
May 07 2018 19:59 UTC
@teamracing what do you mean eventually? Running reaction start will give you a dev version which won't run indefinitely. If you just to host the basic reaction version use a docker image. However, I would suggest you give it a go locally to see if it can do what you need it to first.
Michael Duane Mooring
May 07 2018 22:04 UTC
Thanks for the tip @willmoss1000 ! :100: :D
Sophie He
May 07 2018 23:47 UTC
The Reaction Action livestream and Q&A is going LIVE tmrw at 8am PT. We'll be giving away new Reaction gear to all attendees! Save your spot: