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May 2018
Sophie He
May 08 2018 14:53
We're about to go live in 5 minutes! If you haven't signed up, you can tune into the livestream via YouTube:
We'll have the specific YouTube livestream link as soon as it starts.
Sophie He
May 08 2018 15:06
William Moss
May 08 2018 16:05
@zenweasel currently calls to Stripe are not tokenized. Is this by design?
*is there any reason why they shouldn't be?
Brent Hoover
May 08 2018 16:07
No. We plan on rewriting the Stripe plugin to utilize the client-side tokenization since that has become the “canonical” implementation
Jussi Vesa
May 08 2018 16:48
Yep, I can confirm that Stripe plugin does not work at all on new installs because of this.
Anthony Young
May 08 2018 19:32
Is reactioncommerce going to be getting rid of meteor?