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May 2018
Loan Laux
May 10 2018 08:07
That'd be great, I agree @mostlyjason. However Meteor isn't built to work this way so I'm not sure that it would be even doable without rewriting isobuild... Which is not something anyone wants to do. 😁
May 10 2018 08:34
Hey I am new to Meteor App development, and I actually want to develop app using Meteor and want to integrate e commerce feature in my app. can I use Reaction commerce for the same?
for example, my App will have a timeline for each logged-in user and user can browser products available for him, but in my app I dont want to maintain all the product data and instead want to integrate e commerce plugging for the same
Loan Laux
May 10 2018 08:40
I guess you could set up a Reaction Commerce instance and use it as a headless e-commerce solution, allowing you to plug the features you need into your app thanks to the GraphQL API. It's still under construction and not recommended for production, but if you're looking to get a sense of what's coming to RC, I would go this route.
May 10 2018 15:35
Hello everyone, I'm new to ReactionCommerce... Ive been trying to understand this platform so i picked up the documentation and the swag shop example...I was able to style the components and create plugins...But I'm stuck while trying to style the Signin Button component.This is a lame question probably but still can anyone tell me....How can i override the class name from rui-navbar to something custom
Jason Skowronski
May 10 2018 18:58
@loanlaux ok thanks!