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May 2018
William Moss
May 15 2018 07:51
@zenweasel Fantastic, thank you!
Loan Laux
May 15 2018 09:32
@ikey2244 Looks like both the Next.js front-end and the Meteor-served one will co-exist for a bit of time. At least that's what I understood from the last Reaction Action. Re-writing your front-end to use the GraphQL API instead of Meteor's DDP is very likely not to be mandatory for quite some time. In other words: it's safe to start building on the Meteor front-end. The Next.js one is still not meant for production anyway.
May 15 2018 12:40
@jshimko how to use local mongo by default in a container. I tried without mongo_url got the message MONGO_URL must be set in environment when given url as -e MONGO_URL="mongodb://mongo:27017/reaction" got the message MongoError: failed to connect to server [mongo:27017]. May be I am missing something obvious or local mongo option is removed recently. Any pointers/help really appreciated.
Santiago Botta
May 15 2018 13:17
@zenweasel thank you!
Isaac Weber
May 15 2018 13:17
@loanlaux thanks for the information!
Daniel Honig
May 15 2018 17:59
@zenweasel re: DevTools. We've loaded up products collection of > 2.5 million documents and and ProductSearch collection of about 750K ( due to variants, options, etc). Where should I write up the challenges with this? We're looking at how to create versioned collection for ProductSearch as an example of the issues
Brent Hoover
May 15 2018 21:02
@dhonig Maybe a forum post? We are also testing Reaction with large -> extra large datasets currently and hoping to publish some findings