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May 2018
Lars Buur
May 23 2018 08:20
I am considering using reaction commerce, but I am cautious because I feel the speed of the shop seems really slow. Does anyone have good examples of a live shops that looks and feels really fast?
Rajagopal Natarajan
May 23 2018 11:53
Is the new relic support for meteor, and thereby reaction?
I couldn't find much on this. Has anyone been able to make it work?
Loan Laux
May 23 2018 11:55
@haxplorer I'm not sure about New Relic, but I've been monitoring Reaction using Keymetrics with no issue at all
You're probably already using PM2 to run Node apps, so it will most likely integrate very nicely in your workflow
Rajagopal Natarajan
May 23 2018 12:15
@loanlaux thanks. Will check that out
Marco Aurélio Sulzbacher
May 23 2018 12:38
@danielpinna Hello!! Did you solve that?
Marco Aurélio Sulzbacher
May 23 2018 13:23
May 23 2018 14:00
I tried to port using meteor-spk and was able to create the app.spk but after installing on sandstorm I get didn’t send any data.
meteor-spk is the same method that initially was used by but it seems it's not working so far in my attempt. Should I try vagrant-spk instead?
May 23 2018 14:40
Patrick Newell
May 23 2018 21:25
Hey @zenweasel or @spencern could y'all take a look at this PR?: reactioncommerce/reaction#4259
I spent a few days working to get the tests right for this bug fix and I'd like to get it merged to get Marketplace Shop Grids working and to avoid too many merge conflicts. thanks!
(btw, it's mostly tests)
Brent Hoover
May 23 2018 21:41
@pnewell4_twitter Sorry I have been neglecting your PR’s Pat. Been slammed with a project due. Hopefully should be coming to an end this week.