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May 2018
Patrick Newell
May 24 2018 00:54
May 24 2018 08:42
can anyone fill me in on release 1.12 and release 2.0 ?, are these ready to run / use ?
Brent Hoover
May 24 2018 08:43
No, neither are ready
fabien huet
May 24 2018 09:33
Has anyone ever got that one : Error: Cannot find module '@reactioncommerce/reaction-graphql-xforms/account' ?
Loan Laux
May 24 2018 09:49
@fabien-h It's a Babel alias to /imports/plugins/core/graphql/server/resolvers/xforms/account. Are you trying to use it from a plugin that has a package.json? If yes, you'll have to either use the original path or replicate the alias in your package.json
fabien huet
May 24 2018 09:53
Not trying to use it. I updated reaction. There is a new graphql plugin in the imports. It tries to call himself and cannot find itself.
When I simply remove the plugin, I have no errors anymore.
William Moss
May 24 2018 17:10
Is there a maximum image upload size? If not, how would I go about setting one?
Abd ar-Rahman Hamidi
May 24 2018 17:59
i pull docker image docker pull reactioncommerce/reaction:latest
but the image is about 2 months ago old
is it correct built?
William Moss
May 24 2018 19:30
Also, I only wish to show something to a user who is 'signed in' - which permission am I checking for?