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Jun 2018
Loan Laux
Jun 04 2018 08:51
Anyone getting "Shop external services settings update failed. Error: Cart is required" when trying to save their Open Exchange Rates API key?
Looks like something's wrong with the CorePackageConfig schema
Loan Laux
Jun 04 2018 08:57
Everything works fine when also typing "older than 3 days" in the Cleanup Schedule field... wish it was more user friendly though
William Moss
Jun 04 2018 10:24
No haven't seen that @loanlaux , but do your old carts get cleaned-up? Mine don't appear to
Loan Laux
Jun 04 2018 11:25
I'll have to check in 3 days now that I've set the value (which I thought was set by default)
Until now they've never been
Another question—anybody ran into problems using reaction-file-collections upload behind an Nginx reverse proxy?
@aldeed if you have any tips, anything obvious I might be missing... I'd gladly appreciate it
Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 13.28.08.png
Here's what my requests look like when uploading a file. Notice how the PATCH requests either don't get any response or return a 404 (at random).
Loan Laux
Jun 04 2018 11:30
My thinking is that my reverse proxy isn't forwarding all the headers necessary for reaction-file-collections to process the upload. But after trying for hours I still can't get it to work so I'm thinking it might be something else.
I suspect the culprit is Nginx because uploads work fine when accessing the app directly
Loan Laux
Jun 04 2018 12:39
Yet another question—anybody knows if there's a way to re-send a merchant sign-up invitation email? Hitting the re-send button in the email panel obviously re-sends the email with the same token (that might be expired). Inviting a merchant a second time from the Invite Owner Form fails with the following message: "This user already has a shop. Each user may only have one shop."