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Jun 2018
Jun 25 2018 07:44


Is there a way to change the base currency without messing with the hardcoded exchange rates?

Scratch ^ that ^

REINSTALLED the whole reaction commerce setup and the currency switched flawlessly.

Jun 25 2018 10:40
is anyone else getting the error to save tax versions on a fresh install of reaction version 1.13.0?
Ibrahim Alkhulaifi
Jun 25 2018 21:46
Are you guys still supporting Cash On Delivery (COD) I see your dropping support for all Payments except for strip.
Loan Laux
Jun 25 2018 22:20
@blueyo COD has always been pretty basic, so I'm not sure it changes anything on this side of things. If you want to use COD, you'll probably have to fork the plugin to shape it to your needs.
If you do so, please open source it! :)
Ibrahim Alkhulaifi
Jun 25 2018 22:24
@loanlaux I am guessing that they would not remove COD for their future releases. I am new to reaction and exploring it. to see if it fits our needs, we are currently running Magento2 as headless backend and we hate it :-1: