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Jun 2018
Jun 29 2018 09:35 UTC
I've read about fixtures, and I jut found that one needs to export the data, make the update, reset, then import the data again as fixtures. What if there are hundreds of products and tons of data like orders. Do we have to export, then re-import as fixtures on every plugin upgrade or addition of new plugin?
Jun 29 2018 11:04 UTC
I have my store interface, where can I find RC APIs to power my store , like create orders, update, etc?
@redgenie instead of resetting the data, just drop the Packages collection.
If you save your config in a reaction.json file it should be pretty easy
Jun 29 2018 12:43 UTC
I'm not sure I got it for reaction.json. You mean, if I save the config in that file, I can reset the database? For dropping the Packages collection, is it a production practice? Especially if there's a CI pipeline, deploying means every time manually exporting then reimporting all the data.
How about orders and other data? @zenweasel
Brent Hoover
Jun 29 2018 12:45 UTC
I mean if you save your config in the reaction.json you can drop the Packages collection because that’s what’s stored there. Another option would be to write a migration to make the db change
Either way you don’t need to touch any of your real data. That’s more of a dev thing
Jun 29 2018 13:40 UTC
Hi, I have one question.
Does reaction commerce have CMS module?
Jun 29 2018 13:58 UTC
Thanks @zenweasel, The documentation is quite uneasy to figure out. I want to create or use an exiting API like localhost:3000/product/:id to fetch product details and display on my interface
Jun 29 2018 19:55 UTC
@wildwolf1991 I'm not a core dev, but no it doesn't, and it probably never will. Reaction is continuing to take a "headless" tack, so it wants to be "composed" with other specialized components. The preferred solution right now is: you build your own front end using whatever tech you like (React, Angular, Vue, etc) and you connect it via GraphQL to Reaction. So if you wanted a CMS, you'd similarly connect the frontend you built to a headless CMS (Keystone.js springs to mind)
If there ever were a CMS module, it would probably integrate Reaction with a 3rd-party CMS (provide product/post references, etc), rather than provide its own implementation of CMS-like features