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Jun 2018
Jun 30 2018 00:46
Hi everyone
I have some questions to ask.
As you know reaction commerce is e-commerce platform,right?
Can we integrate it with other CMS?
like woo-commerce and wordpress.
WordPress is most popular CMS and it has no e-commerce feature before.
But we integrate woo-commerce with wordpress so that wordpress has two features CMS and e-commerce.
Jun 30 2018 00:56
I'd like to find the solution to integrate reation-commerce with other CMS(especially based on node.js).
Thank you.
Jun 30 2018 03:29
@wildwolf1991 there is no existing integration, nor (to my knowledge) even a similar integration that you could use as a template as you built your own. If you're an experienced JS dev and you have clear, simple project requirements, it wouldn't be too hard to make one yourself.
Brent Hoover
Jun 30 2018 03:45
There are some Gatsby sites that merge content and eCommerce. That's probably the approach you should take IMHO
I think there's an example on the Gatsby site. Not using reaction specifically though
We've looked at contentify