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Jul 2018
Sophie He
Jul 03 2018 05:12
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Jul 03 2018 07:09
// exporting Fixture
// use this instead of Import if you want
// Bulk.find.upsert() to equal false
export const Fixture = Object.assign({}, Importer, {
_upsert: () => false
This function does not work as function comment equal false, in server/api/core/importer.js line 489-495
Bulk.find.upsert() always equal to true.
Huyanh Hoang
Jul 03 2018 08:47
2 questions about using RC:
  1. How easy is it to add a pay-to-sign-up plugin to modify current sign-ups?
  2. Are RC components reusable outside of the RC platform?
Brent Hoover
Jul 03 2018 13:51
i can answer two and that’s no, not really. But we are working on a new component library that will be just e-commerce React components.
Huyanh Hoang
Jul 03 2018 17:57
that's not production ready yet, right?