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Jul 2018
Jul 06 2018 00:06
still seems to be a problem @zenweasel :(
also think Ive found a small bug (perhaps this is something I can PR) - recorded it just now
I add 1 item to the cart, then add 4 more to the cart. the second toast message says "8 added to cart" rather than 4
Brent Hoover
Jul 06 2018 00:13
Are you sure that you have the individual methods enabled? Flat Rate, etc.? Not just the top level method?
Jul 06 2018 00:15
oh you're spot on @zenweasel! I had just the top level method enabled
thanks so much
Jul 06 2018 03:03
i want to know. how to translate reaction to another language (in this case indonesian language.).?
Brent Hoover
Jul 06 2018 05:08
Just look at the files in the i18n directories
And create one for the language you want to add
Jul 06 2018 06:19
okaay thanks man!
HsiangMin Yu
Jul 06 2018 09:53
Hi guys, i'm new to reaction and just got the same problem with #4236. Does anyone know how to fix it? Can't wait to try out reaction! Thanks.
stuck in this issue for whole day... Orz
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Jul 06 2018 17:28
Hi There , Can we store images on Google Cloud storage
Jul 06 2018 17:45
getting error during create the project : error node modules were not successfully installed existing
tell me what happening i followed all instruction step by step