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Jul 2018
Loan Laux
Jul 17 2018 06:06
@aldeed Thank you very much for the reply! Actually, upgrading to 1.14 (even though it's not stable yet) solved the issue. Strange. I'll wait for it to hit master then.
Jul 17 2018 10:00
@zenweasel hi, why after exec this.Importer.flush() in the server/api/core/core.js line54 , my dateabse's Packages collection is empty?
2018-07-17 17-58-021.png
2018-07-17 17-58-501.png
Jul 17 2018 10:09
and when after exec this.createGroups() or just Packages.find().fetch(),the Packages collection is filled?
2018-07-17 18-08-11.png
2018-07-17 18-08-34.png
Sophie He
Jul 17 2018 14:55
hi all! we'll be airing our Reaction Action livestream in 5 minutes! follow along on via youtube: