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Jul 2018
Paul Gorbach
Jul 18 2018 07:39
Hey guys! Does anyone need an intern developer to work on RC based online shop? I may call myself Junior JS developer (ES6, React, Git) and have >7yrs of ecommerce experience as project & product manager. I can spend ~ 6 hours per week to help you with your shop. My goal is to get familiar with RC and learn how to update/customize it. If you do have a role for me, please, don't hesitate to invite me 😉
Loan Laux
Jul 18 2018 09:26
@gorbachpaul, Let's chat.
Paul Gorbach
Jul 18 2018 09:32
@loanlaux please, check your private message inbox
Jul 18 2018 11:03
i found some error when i run docker compose up how to fix it?
Screenshot from 2018-07-18 18-04-01.png
Screenshot from 2018-07-18 18-04-19.png
Screenshot from 2018-07-18 18-04-24.png
Jul 18 2018 20:18
Hi team, I am trying to customize the platform using the custom plugin. I need to extend OrderBulkActionsBar component to add an additional option in that. Can someone help me out, how to the extend the component?
William Moss
Jul 18 2018 23:41
@anishtr4 If it's a react component you'll want to extend the existing component.
Would be good if Router.go() scrolled to the top of the page by default? Otherwise, presumably I need to add $('html,body').scrollTop(0); after this?