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Jul 2018
Jul 19 2018 01:52
any ideas?
Christopher Matuszak
Jul 19 2018 04:55
hello all... im baccckkk
so much has changed recently.... i see i have a small learning curve to catch up
i was wondering... has anyone set up an easy install for cpanel for reaction?
Jul 19 2018 07:53
@willmoss1000 , I know we can extend existing component but , can you please guide me how to extend "OrderBulkActionsBar" which is avaible inside "imports/plugins/core/orders/components/OrderBulkActionsBar.js" , Casue I extended the other components like "ManageGroups" easily without much effort usign "getRawComponent". But extending "OrderBulkActionsBar" seems to be a diffrent way.
William Moss
Jul 19 2018 13:37
@anishtr4 it is probably registered under its container. Find the container, and have a look at how its imported. I agree, this adds confusion, and I would register components individually, not under their containers, but that's just how it is.
Jul 19 2018 14:19
Hi everyone. I have a question about deleting tags and products. Is there any blog or page talked about the reason why the "deleting tags and products" function is not allowed? Or does anyone can explain a little bit about this? Thank you
Jul 19 2018 16:55
@willmoss1000 Can you please guide me , how to extend this as it is registerd under OrderTableCobatiner ?