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Jul 2018
Patrick Newell
Jul 22 2018 19:00
@loanlaux that's me. I'll handle it
Patrick Newell
Jul 22 2018 19:18
@loanlaux on your login error, have you tried in an incognito window? I have seen this in the past when I was working on a Marketplace Shop (where I was "cookied" to that shopId, then did a reaction reset and tried to sign up. the cookied shopId was no longer in the database)
"cookie" in quotes because I'm not sure whether this is a cookie, localStorage, some other browser storage
Fabio Baser
Jul 22 2018 20:42
Hey @all i just followed the "Tutorial: Create a custom homepage" but my Component won't get rendered. Is there a known twist?
Loan Laux
Jul 22 2018 20:53
Sorry @pnewell4_twitter I'm afk but I'll confirm tommorow morning