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Jul 2018
Christopher Matuszak
Jul 26 2018 00:59 UTC
hello all
anyone around that may be familiar with installing reaction on a cpanel shared host?
Jul 26 2018 05:22 UTC
@loanlaux hi loan, any question would you please check? I wrote a new schema, and want to test against it. But found "index" couldn't be recognized from jest, is there any way about it? or it has to be tested by the "--full-app" mode
Jul 26 2018 09:20 UTC
Hi. If anyone here has used/is using an AWS EC2 instance for hosting, what is the suggested requirements?
Jul 26 2018 12:36 UTC
im getting error while running the command "reacttion run" to start reaction
=> Started proxy.
Unexpected mongo exit code 14. Restarting.
Unexpected mongo exit code 14. Restarting.
Building for web.browser
Brent Hoover
Jul 26 2018 12:41 UTC
@rohit-elevar we've been using ec2 for load testing. But it really depends on what you need
You need at least a gig of ram
Jul 26 2018 12:44 UTC
@zenweasel got it. So a t2.small instance should do then? It has 2 gig
Brent Hoover
Jul 26 2018 12:45 UTC
No, don't use any of the t instances
Remember that you're going to want to run more than one instance and they each need at least 1gb
Jul 26 2018 12:51 UTC
Ok. Any specific suggestion for a site that will get around 20-30 concurrent users, not much other logic than the default setup?
Brent Hoover
Jul 26 2018 12:53 UTC
You probably want to have one cpu available for each concurrent user if you can
You can use something like pm2 or we are using ecs
The latest release will allow to use a cdn and you'll want to do that
Jul 26 2018 13:00 UTC
Ok. Thanks for the help! Ill look into these options
Brent Hoover
Jul 26 2018 13:01 UTC
Daniel Honig
Jul 26 2018 18:06 UTC
From experience with spree and solidus what often made hard with projects, especially estimating the planning of, was that as the core moved forward the plugins would often not be well maintained. Survival of the fittest so to speak, so often updating plugins to match the core would be the first month of the project. Often times, it made more sense not to use the plugin.