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Aug 2018
Also, the migration of the Core Meteor app to GraphQL has begun: reactioncommerce/reaction#4481
Brent Hoover
Aug 09 2018 01:48
We hadn’t really wanted to talk about this till we had some actual code to show but this should allow people to make a smooth transition to a non-Meteor future. This will be an ongoing thing which will follow closely behind the work that is being done in the starter kit.
There’s a ton of work to be done there still and it will happen over the next few months but you can see the pattern forming
Aug 09 2018 06:56

Hi everyone. Currently the payment providers seem to have their own separate code, and separate "Complete your order" button. That is what I can see after enabling the "payments-cod" plugin and the "payments-example" plugin

Is it possible to have a selector instead (radio button), and a single "Complete your order" button at the end of the list

Loan Laux
Aug 09 2018 07:14
Awesome news @zenweasel. I really like the progress we're seeing in the past few releases. Nice job to everyone involved!
Brent Hoover
Aug 09 2018 07:16
@rohit-elevar Probably the simplest way to do this that I can think of would just be to create your own payment service that provides all the different methods you want together
I don’t think it would be too hard to “Frankenstein” a couple of service together into one
Aug 09 2018 07:27
Ok @zenweasel... That makes sense. I'll try it out
Aug 09 2018 08:21
Also, can the "cart/submitPayment" stub be called from the server code?
Because I have a payment provider which redirects the user to their page, manages the card verification and other stuff and just returns "success/failure" back to my server code which originally redirected it
Aug 09 2018 12:17
@ennysantana There is an installation channel for that :)
Daniel Honig
Aug 09 2018 17:21
Anyone run into issues with reaction-cli?
Oops! It looks like you don't have Git installed yet!
Aug 09 2018 17:44
@zenweasel That is one great news Brent..Thanks for all the support :)