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Aug 2018
Aug 12 2018 01:50 UTC
@pnewell4_twitter yes
Afopefoluwa Ojo
Aug 12 2018 12:17 UTC
Hello! Please i am trying to find out how to add a static page to react, i already added the route to the page but the template isnt showing up on page
please how can i do this
Azam Badar
Aug 12 2018 12:47 UTC

Hi Guys, I have issue with app start as app is crashing and failed to start and I'm receiving this message " A patch (Meteor for your current release is available!
Update this project now with 'meteor update --patch'.
Errors prevented startup:

While processing files with less (for target web.browser):
imports/plugins/included/default-theme/client/styles/main.less:159: Unknown import: {}/node_modules/react-select/less/select.less

While minifying app stylesheet:
module.js:547:15: Cannot find module 'autoprefixer'
at Function.Module._resolveFilename (module.js:547:15)
at Function.resolve (internal/module.js:18:19)
at Object.require (C:\tools\isobuild\bundler.js:1927:34)
at packages/minifier-postcss/plugin/minify-css.js:52:37
at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
at getPostCSSPlugins (packages/minifier-postcss/plugin/minify-css.js:51:43)
at packages/minifier-postcss/plugin/minify-css.js:155:36
at (<anonymous>)
at mergeCss (packages/minifier-postcss/plugin/minify-css.js:139:23)
at CssToolsMinifier.processFilesForBundle (packages/minifier-postcss/plugin/minify-css.js:109:18)

but my command prompt is not accepting "meteor update --patch" and saying invalid command. Please help me how I can overcome this problem, thanks
Aug 12 2018 18:34 UTC
Hi guys, how would I build a mobile app for reaction commerce .is there any documentation on it.
Aug 12 2018 18:35 UTC
@kuan222 Use Web Views
Afopefoluwa Ojo
Aug 12 2018 19:39 UTC
hey everyone. i am trying to customize the home page and it still shows the default home page
please what can i do about this
Aug 12 2018 19:41 UTC
@afope What kind of customisations have you done ??
@Azambadar its not due to meteor, This error is occurring because select.less
is not getting imported and Autoprefixer is missing
Afopefoluwa Ojo
Aug 12 2018 19:45 UTC
@thegtagamer thanks for responding. i followed all the instructions in this tutorial. and nothing happened.
i actually want my home page to be a static page which i already built outside of reaction commerce. but i cant seem to implement any customizations
Aug 12 2018 19:49 UTC
@afope Thats the way to do so, Probably you are missing some step
Checkout Loan Laux's updated version of hydrotik plugin, Its can give you a basic idea and good start
Afopefoluwa Ojo
Aug 12 2018 19:52 UTC
@thegtagamer okay thank you. please do you have a link
i want to customize the page completely. i dont even want any products from the shop showing on the page
Afopefoluwa Ojo
Aug 12 2018 20:01 UTC
thanks @thegtagamer