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Aug 2018
Aug 13 2018 02:14 UTC
it is possible two factor auth in reaction/meteor?
Azam Badar
Aug 13 2018 06:48 UTC
@thegtagamer Abhishek, How can I fix this select.less and how can I fix this Autoprefixer ?
Loan Laux
Aug 13 2018 07:07 UTC
@thegtagamer Thanks for suggesting my theme!
Aug 13 2018 09:05 UTC

i tried test reaction by docker-compose (master branch). Everything star okey.
Bu after enter to main page ( i've got next Exception

reaction_1 | Exception while invoking method 'login' Error: insert requires an argument
reaction_1 | at Collection.insert (packages/mongo/collection.js:452:13)
reaction_1 | at Collection.Mongo.Collection.(anonymous function) (packages/aldeed:collection2/collection2.js:213:19)
reaction_1 | at Collection.Mongo.Collection.(anonymous function) [as insert] (packages/dispatch_run-as-user.js:325:19)
reaction_1 | at AccountsServer.Ap.insertUserDoc (packages/accounts-base/accounts_server.js:1340:25)
reaction_1 | at MethodInvocation.Accounts.registerLoginHandler.options (imports/plugins/core/core/server/startup/accounts.js:62:29)
reaction_1 | at packages/accounts-base/accounts_server.js:483:32
reaction_1 | at tryLoginMethod (packages/accounts-base/accounts_server.js:259:14)
reaction_1 | at AccountsServer.Ap._runLoginHandlers (packages/accounts-base/accounts_server.js:480:18)
reaction_1 | at MethodInvocation.methods.login (packages/accounts-base/accounts_server.js:543:27)
reaction_1 | at currentArgumentChecker.withValue (packages/check/match.js:118:15)
reaction_1 | at Meteor.EnvironmentVariable.EVp.withValue (packages/meteor.js:1189:12)
reaction_1 | at Object._failIfArgumentsAreNotAllChecked (packages/check/match.js:116:43)
reaction_1 | at maybeAuditArgumentChecks (packages/ddp-server/livedata_server.js:1764:18)
reaction_1 | at DDP._CurrentMethodInvocation.withValue (packages/ddp-server/livedata_server.js:719:19)
reaction_1 | at Meteor.EnvironmentVariable.EVp.withValue (packages/meteor.js:1189:12)
reaction_1 | at DDPServer._CurrentWriteFence.withValue (packages/ddp-server/livedata_server.js:717:46)

What i should do !?

Loan Laux
Aug 13 2018 09:06 UTC
@alnikitich use localhost instead of
Aug 13 2018 09:06 UTC
thank you !
its work !
Aug 13 2018 13:18 UTC
Hi. Is there anyway to add a node package as part of a plugin. Basically I want the plugin to use a node package, but I seem to have to install it in the project manually.
Any way to add that module into my plugin directly?
Loan Laux
Aug 13 2018 13:19 UTC
@rohit-elevar Every plugin has a package.json file, in which you can add any dependency that will be installed automatically by the plugin loader
Aug 13 2018 13:28 UTC
Oh! got it. Thanks @loanlaux
I had just read the docs and wasn't able to find the answer there.
Loan Laux
Aug 13 2018 13:29 UTC
I believe the docs don't cover this topic so it's a great question
Aug 13 2018 17:31 UTC
Hello team! Is there any release date for the next version of Reaction Commerce?
Aug 13 2018 17:34 UTC
Hey guys while deploying reaction to AWS im getting this exception
Exception while invoking method 'login' Error: insert requires an argument
at Collection.insert (packages/mongo/collection.js:452:13)
at Collection.Mongo.Collection.(anonymous function) (packages/aldeed:collection2/collection2.js:213:19)
at Collection.Mongo.Collection.(anonymous function) [as insert] (packages/dispatch_run-as-user.js:325:19)
at AccountsServer.Ap.insertUserDoc (packages/accounts-base/accounts_server.js:1340:25)
at MethodInvocation.Accounts.registerLoginHandler.options (imports/plugins/core/core/server/startup/accounts.js:62:29)
at packages/accounts-base/accounts_server.js:483:32
at tryLoginMethod (packages/accounts-base/accounts_server.js:259:14)
at AccountsServer.Ap._runLoginHandlers (packages/accounts-base/accounts_server.js:480:18)
at MethodInvocation.methods.login (packages/accounts-base/accounts_server.js:543:27)
at currentArgumentChecker.withValue (packages/check/match.js:118:15)
at Meteor.EnvironmentVariable.EVp.withValue (packages/meteor.js:1189:12)
at Object._failIfArgumentsAreNotAllChecked (packages/check/match.js:116:43)
at maybeAuditArgumentChecks (packages/ddp-server/livedata_server.js:1764:18)
at DDP._CurrentMethodInvocation.withValue (packages/ddp-server/livedata_server.js:719:19)
at Meteor.EnvironmentVariable.EVp.withValue (packages/meteor.js:1189:12)
Any idea what might have went wrong
Patrick Newell
Aug 13 2018 17:45 UTC
@thegtagamer go into your database and add the host domain to your Primary Shop's domains attribute
I have been meaning to send a PR to address this. I try to carve out some time today
Aug 13 2018 17:53 UTC
@pnewell4_twitter Thanks man
Aug 13 2018 19:05 UTC
there is a generic way to get path for /public and /private folders?