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Aug 2018
Aug 17 2018 06:10
Hi All,
Does reaction commerce have buyer/user specific inventory policy? It would be helpful if anyone of you could help on this.
Brent Hoover
Aug 17 2018 06:12
No we don't
Aug 17 2018 06:13
Thanks @zenweasel. Reaction does support buyer/user specific prices?
Brent Hoover
Aug 17 2018 06:17
no, not currently
Aug 17 2018 06:27
ok thanks @zenweasel
Aug 17 2018 08:07
@zenweasel Hey Brent, While adding my custom pages and Routes...The footer is not appearing even when the layout is triggered with the Footer in register.js of the custom page plugin
William Moss
Aug 17 2018 10:18
@zenweasel I've done some pretty heavy modifications so users checkout in their own currencies, because the current functionality won't work for international marketplaces. I just don't understand why i) a pricing object has multiple currencies for a given variant, and ii) pricing is attached to the shop? It would make far more sense to me if the exchange rates were their own schema, and conversions were calculated on the fly. What is the best channel to feed back these ideas to?
Similarly "Postal Code" is now added to the Stripe Checkout element, which won't work for users outside the US.
Brent Hoover
Aug 17 2018 10:59
@willmoss1000 well, a few things
I think a multi-currency marketplace is going to be an extremely edge use case, so I don’t know if we will ever support it. In fact I don’t even know how that would work
at some point all purchases need to be converted to some base currency. That’s why it’s by shop. Whatever currency that shop does business in. Right now the currency support is just for display purpuses only
you say “conversions calculated on the fly” how would that even work? Monetarg totals need to be exactly right, how would you knos what currency exchange you would get?
Brent Hoover
Aug 17 2018 11:05
I know we are looking at our current currency support and taking a look at how we do it
so would be interested in any suggestions as you can see I don’t really see how a multi-currency shop would even work
Aug 17 2018 14:55

@zenweasel @pnewell4_twitter @loanlaux Hey Guys , Ive initialised my Static Pages to read the footer layout too in register.js of my plugin...The entries are appearing in the Database too...But the footer is not getting loaded in any static page..Its just getting loaded in the front page..

To test my theory i modified the product-detail-simple module to read the Footer too..and did a reaction reset...Still its not working.. i.e the footer doesnt appears anywhere else except the main page...It gets registered to the DB...but doesnt renders up..Nothing appears up on the console too.....

Please help me up, trying to figure this one out

Heres: the code to register.js of the core Product-detail-simple module i edited to test it:
import Reaction from "/imports/plugins/core/core/server/Reaction";

label: "Product Detail Simple",
name: "product-detail-simple",
icon: "fa fa-cubes",
autoEnable: true,
registry: [{
route: "/product/:handle/:variantId?",
name: "product",
template: "productDetailSimple",
workflow: "coreProductWorkflow"
layout: [{
layout: "coreLayout",
workflow: "coreProductWorkflow",
collection: "Products",
theme: "default",
enabled: true,
structure: {
template: "productDetailSimple",
layoutHeader: "NavBar",
layoutFooter: "Footer", // I added this to test the theory
notFound: "productNotFound",
dashboardHeader: "productDetailSimpleToolbar",
dashboardControls: "productDetailDashboardControls",
dashboardHeaderControls: "",
adminControlsFooter: "adminControlsFooter"

My packages collection

"_id" : "ARM2E829rnyxtEmJJ",
"name" : "product-detail-simple",
"shopId" : "J8Bhq3uTtdgwZx3rz",
"enabled" : true,
"icon" : "fa fa-cubes",
"layout" : [
"layout" : "coreLayout",
"workflow" : "coreProductWorkflow",
"collection" : "Products",
"theme" : "default",
"enabled" : true,
"structure" : {
"template" : "productDetailSimple",
"layoutHeader" : "NavBar",
"layoutFooter" : "Footer",
"notFound" : "productNotFound",
"dashboardHeader" : "productDetailSimpleToolbar",
"dashboardControls" : "productDetailDashboardControls",
"adminControlsFooter" : "adminControlsFooter"
"priority" : 999,
"position" : 1
"registry" : [
"route" : "/product/:handle/:variantId?",
"name" : "product",
"template" : "productDetailSimple",
"workflow" : "coreProductWorkflow",
"options" : {

"settings" : {



Aug 17 2018 15:05
Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 8.33.48 PM.png
Kenneth McCullers
Aug 17 2018 15:35
Need help with something: Deployed using docker and nginx to digitalocean seems it worked fine but I get a 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable and I recently pointed my domain to the IP of the droplet. Does anyone had this problem when deploying using docker?
Afopefoluwa Ojo
Aug 17 2018 20:39
Hey pls I keep getting this error on all pages while trying to create my plugin


This is not the product you were looking for."

What can I do about this?
Kenneth McCullers
Aug 17 2018 22:50
Does anyone get this when deploying using docker? Digest: sha256:7c78cf048637f257aece8a1c1c9b5bb2c668d83c6ca7e1fcaff0eef480e3e801
Status: Downloaded newer image for reactioncommerce/reaction:latest
It ends there and pretty much doesn't install it to the server :/