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Aug 2018
Aug 19 2018 09:49
Has anyone been able to deploy static footer across all custom pages in RC 1.14 ?
It works in older versions..but somehow in RC 1.14 the footer is only getting registered in the custom index page even when the layoutFooter is registered across all pages
Aug 19 2018 12:52
@kennethmccullers you can use this:
Kenneth McCullers
Aug 19 2018 12:52
@alnikitich already did that yesterday lol took me a while to get it working XD
Aug 19 2018 12:58
i have trouble with price represent:
when i change price in edit mode (for ex: i add option with new price + i click view button)
i see correct price bounds in edit mode
but (after publish) in top shop form i look old or incorrect price
Kenneth McCullers
Aug 19 2018 13:03
Does anyone know how to get Lets encrypt on the docker? and it is possible to add plugins to rwaction in the docker or do I have to deploy it again every time I make a custom plugin/theme?
Aug 19 2018 15:50

I started a fresh project with reaction 1.14.1 and tried removing an item from the cart, and got an error in the same

Exception while invoking method 'cart/removeFromCart' TypeError: Cannot read property 'userId' of null
    at MethodInvocation.removeFromCart (imports/plugins/core/cart/server/methods/removeFromCart.js:51:73)

Has anyone faced this issue? Any idea how to resolve this.
Also does anyone know how I can revert back to the 1.13.1 version?

Patrick Newell
Aug 19 2018 17:10
@thegtagamer 1) is your footer just for these static pages, or it is applied site-wide? if it is site-wide, consider registering your footer in place of the existing one: registerComponent("Footer", YourFooter);
2) any chance there are multiple entries in the Packages collection for "product-detail-simple"? It could be that the query returns the other one, which references the other Footer
Any recommendations for which Google Analytics package to use?
this seems pretty good...
has anyone used it before?
Patrick Newell
Aug 19 2018 17:17
this seems ok, but I don't love the idea of needing to pass (or otherwise have access to) an instance variable throughout the code:
Afopefoluwa Ojo
Aug 19 2018 17:35
I am trying to make a new plugin and I am following the docs and I keep getting this error : "Error: Cannot find module '/server/api'"
What do I do?
Aug 19 2018 18:32
Hi, I'd like to contribute to the project, do I just fork it and make a PR when done with an issue?
or do I just clone it and make a separate branch?
nvm I found the contribution guidelines