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Aug 2018
F.J. Genus
Aug 31 2018 01:49
@shahrukh-alizai just fork the repo and edit the .gitignore file
@olivrg I always get the css errors so I wouldnt worry about that. are you sure mongo is installed properly? maybe it's a firewall issue?
Aug 31 2018 03:19
hello! i want to ask. is reaction commerce support all "Accounts.registerLoginHandler" account handler, or just oauth? thanks.
Aug 31 2018 04:01
Aug 31 2018 06:30
Hi everyone. Is there anyway to have the new orderID (which is generated by the copyCartToOrder method) returned back on a cart/submitPayment method call? I need to use the new orderID for other external API calls
Oli Guei
Aug 31 2018 10:43
@FJKhan thanks. I’ve fixed mongo but still get a blank page after running reaction command