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Sep 2018
Sep 03 2018 06:43
Hi All, I did not find any documents for reaction commerce mobile development. How do you build native app from reaction commerce web app? I have read somewhere that it is using meteor for it but no documentation for it.
Shahrukh Khan
Sep 03 2018 07:00
06:14:33.233Z WARN Reaction: No shop matching domain 'null'. Defaulting to Primary Shop.
06:14:33.253Z WARN Reaction: No shopId, waiting one second...
I'm facing this error even on fresh setup. Any suggestions?
Azam Badar
Sep 03 2018 09:21
Hi guys, I am using node 10 version on my windows computer but reaction is compatible with node 8 . Is reaction is campatible with node 10 or I need to downgrade my node version ?
Sep 03 2018 10:57
Im new to this.... I try to install reaction in Windows 10x64, When i run reaction....meteor-tool1.7.0.3 download over and over again...Any Suggestion to fix this
Azam Badar
Sep 03 2018 12:02
Does reaction is compatible with NodeJS 10 version and only not compatible with nodejs 9? please can anyone here tell me ?
Brent Hoover
Sep 03 2018 22:10
I can tell you that we def are NOT compatible with node 9, and we only test compatability with whatever the LTS version is
@willmoss1000 I have not been able to reproduce it since that one time and no one else on the team has been able to reproduce it since then
If you can provide some better reproduction steps that would be very helpful
William Moss
Sep 03 2018 22:51
@zenweasel OK, i'm getting this error - I'll try and come up with some reproduction steps