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Sep 2018
Sep 07 2018 05:53
@janus-reith I needed to add a "Out for delivery" step in between "Shipped" and "Delivered". So as to trigger an email accordingly, letting the customer know that he should expect the package on that day.
So i thought of using the "Picked" state in the workflow temporarily instead of creating a new step and changing the schema
@zenweasel The main reason i didn't want to do that is because I believe the code base is making tremendous progress, and I want to keep updating with newer releases.
Sep 07 2018 10:49
How can meteor methods be called from the server with correct permissions? I am getting a User does not have 'orders' permissions when I try to access some methods
I need the "shipmentShipped", "shipmentPacked" and the "shipmentDelivered" methods called from the server. for example as webhook request form a shipping partner, instead of manually doing it for each order (that would be tedious for a huge number of orders)
Sep 07 2018 12:32
@zenweasel i have my own checkout system. can i use it with reaction commerce
Jinu JS
Sep 07 2018 12:35
"Some Products could not be published to the Catalog. Make sure your variants are visible. [server-error]"- solution for this problem
Sep 07 2018 13:07
@Jinujs Its don't think it's a problem. Some of your products might themselves be visible, but their variants might not be set to visible
Patrick Newell
Sep 07 2018 19:17
does anyone have --inspect working for server-side break points?
I can still open Chrome's Node DevTools, but breakpoints are no longer working