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Sep 2018
William Moss
Sep 09 2018 12:10
Hey all, I'm in 1.4.1. When you add to cart as an anonymous user, and then checkout as a guest I just get a loading icon for the addressBook component until I refresh the page. Just wanted to check if anyone else was seeing this issue?
Sep 09 2018 13:00
The orders/refund/create method in createRefund.js has no return value, but the orders/refunds/refundItems method in refundItems.js waits for a return value in the callback.
Am I missing something here, or shouldn't there be a return value?
MD. Rizwan Raza
Sep 09 2018 14:46
i ran all this command and successfully started in my local machine now i want to access dashboard what should i do to access it npm install -g reaction-cli reaction init cd reaction reactioni read the documentation. but i got two option settings and actions but there is no add product option how to add product
Janus Reith
Sep 09 2018 15:48

Does anyone know how to make meteor watch .graphql schema files properly?
It seems like makeExecutableSchema only runs once and won' t be triggered again if schemas change.

I always have to stop meteor and clear .meteor/local/plugin-cache after changing .graphql files