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Sep 2018
Sep 11 2018 05:45

Got it @zenweasel . I'm a little new to git as well. So will figure out my way soon
Any quick inputs on this though?

The orders/refund/create method in createRefund.js has no return value, but the orders/refunds/refundItems method in refundItems.js waits for a return value in the callback. Am I missing something here, or shouldn't there be a return value?

Brent Hoover
Sep 11 2018 06:00
there’s no real reason for refund/create to return a value
but refunditems should return a list of refunds
nevermind I see what you are saying
I mean, a callback will be called even if there are no results
Sep 11 2018 06:40

I mean, a callback will be called even if there are no results

Yeah @zenweasel I got that. But it looks like the refundItems method requires a value in the callback to then go ahead and set the workflow status. Which wont happen since the callback will be called with an undefined result

Sep 11 2018 06:52

Also the issue with the taxes might be here:

On line 101:

const cartItem = {
      isTaxable: chosenVariant.taxable || false,

I checked the chosenVariant object. It has a property of .isTaxable but not .taxable. So this always returns false.

Nitish Goel
Sep 11 2018 10:07

Hi @zenweasel

Can you please help me. I'm fetching my products data from api and want to show the products data on reaction page but product image is not showing and showing me error.

error is

Refused to load the image '<URL>' because it violates the following Content Security Policy directive: "img-src data: 'self' localhost:* <URL> <URL> <URL> <URL> <URL> <URL> <URL> <URL> <URL> <URL> <URL> <URL> <URL> <URL> <URL> <URL> <URL> <URL> <URL> <URL> <URL> <URL> <URL> <URL> <URL> <URL> <URL> <URL> <URL> <URL> <URL> <URL>".

Nitish Goel
Sep 11 2018 10:37
Is anyone here who can help?
Nitish Goel
Sep 11 2018 11:32
I solved this issue on my end.
Janus Reith
Sep 11 2018 15:49

Does anyone know how to make meteor watch .graphql schema files properly?
It seems like makeExecutableSchema only runs once and won' t be triggered again if schemas change.

I always have to stop meteor and clear .meteor/local/plugin-cache after changing .graphql files

I'd appreciate feedback from the dev team that implemented the graphql plugin on how you solved this