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Sep 2018
Brent Hoover
Sep 15 2018 02:15
What version of Node are you using? You need to use the LTS version
You need the CLI installed to run Reaction correctly
It also look like you may not have some of the prerequisites installed
S Tunji Turner
Sep 15 2018 02:29
There was a branch of reaction-next-starter , that had some new swag shop complements, where did it go?
Phuong Nguyen
Sep 15 2018 03:04
I’m using node v8
Phuong Nguyen
Sep 15 2018 03:15
@zenweasel I believe it LTS version, I followed the video from official website, not sure what is missing
Also I have the Reaction CLI installed successfully
Sep 15 2018 14:40
Are the tutorials up to date? I'm getting a strange error on Tutorial: Custom Home Page
Phuong Nguyen
Sep 15 2018 18:30
anyone from Reaction here
when I run comman 'reaction -v'

C:\WINDOWS\system32>reaction -v
INFO: Could not find files for the given pattern(s).

Node: 8.12.0
NPM: 6.4.1
Meteor Node: 8.11.4
Meteor NPM: 6.3.0
Reaction CLI: 0.29.0

Can anyone please help me what is missing please?