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Sep 2018
Sep 17 2018 00:12
@rohit-elevar Hi this is enough for development 4GB is perfect
Brent Hoover
Sep 17 2018 00:27
@rohit-elevar I would say just buy the fastest you can afford. Probably you want 16GM of RAM for sure (this is usually an inexpensive upgrade).
Sep 17 2018 07:51

@Kamelia2000 my laptop seems to lag. On checking the 4GB of ram was completely used. Half by system processes and half by reaction
@zenweasel I'll try to upgrade as much as I can. 12GB is probably what I can do.

Thanks for the replies!!

Sep 17 2018 11:05
Is it currently possible to import products in bulk (spreadsheet)?
Brent Hoover
Sep 17 2018 12:43
Not currently, but we are working on that feature right now
Daniel Honig
Sep 17 2018 16:26
@moeghashim the other approach is that you could transform your CSV to JSON