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Sep 2018
Sep 18 2018 10:10
@dhonig Yeah this is an option. I'm wondering if I can integrate Reaction commerce with GraphCMS. This way I won't need the spreadsheet and it's easier to manage the content.
Sep 18 2018 10:42
Sorry if this sounds a little too easy. But how can I add the brand logo to the header navigation?
William Moss
Sep 18 2018 11:19
Could someone please double-check this - @zenweasel? Should userCurrency not now be taken from the Account rather than the Meteor user?
Sep 18 2018 12:29
Hello anyone can tell me whetehr reactionconnerce can use for market place or not ?
William Moss
Sep 18 2018 12:36
@Kamelia2000 it can, but will likely require some modifications
Phuong Nguyen
Sep 18 2018 17:38
anyone familiar with FATAL ERROR: CALL_AND_RETRY_LAST Allocation failed - JavaScript heap out of memory error message when trying to run reaction for the first time ?
I have 12GB RAM on my machine and I'm surprised if this is the issue