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Sep 2018
Tomas Hayes
Sep 25 2018 01:22 UTC
Hi! Anyone tried deploying on I tried using meteor-now, but no luck, and thats my favorite meteor hosting so far ... Thanks!
Sep 25 2018 05:30 UTC
Meteor is unusually bad
Sep 25 2018 07:03 UTC
Sep 25 2018 12:43 UTC
can anyone help me? is this bug or not.
when i deploy the reaction app using docker my payment form doesnt show
when in development
and when in docker it's disappear, (even with stripe!)
it's bug? if it is. i will report an issue

my version

Node: 8.11.4
NPM: 5.6.0
Meteor Node: 8.11.4
Meteor NPM: 6.4.1
Reaction CLI: 0.29.0
Reaction: 2.0.0
Reaction branch: master
Docker: 18.06.1-ce

Daniel Honig
Sep 25 2018 14:42 UTC
@nickthejagger have you defined a payment method?
Without configuring a payment method I would consider that 'expected behaviour'
You might argue the fake checkout should be shown by default
Daniel Honig
Sep 25 2018 14:58 UTC
@mondrus the marketplace is working now. Its enabled via the control panel.
Sep 25 2018 19:08 UTC
I'm trying to install reaction-platform by running "make". I got this error: Permission denied (publickey)
fatal: Could not read from remote repository.
Sep 25 2018 21:15 UTC
@moeghashim Did you clone the repo with SSH?