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Sep 2018
Sep 27 2018 17:05

Hi, new guy here.
I'm evaluating Reaction and am trying to install it but am hitting issues. I followed this:
and watched the video on the same page. I am installing and running from powershell with admin rights. For me, "reaction run" is failing with:
"Error: App failed to start" preceded by a bunch of json that I can post if that would be helpful.
And "reaction test" is failing with:
"> npm run test:unit && npm run test:integration && npm run test:app

reaction@2.0.0 test:unit D:\MXL\3P\mxl-store
NODE_ENV=jesttest BABEL_DISABLE_CACHE=1 jest --no-cache --testPathIgnorePatterns /tests/

'NODE_ENV' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.
and a bunch of other test failures follow.
Any ideas?

Sep 27 2018 22:50
@abdeweese Hey there - We have a new way of installing Reaction. Try this:
Sep 27 2018 23:40
hey - Im trying to install and run the new 2.0 using reaction platform. I have docker running but when I go to view the local ports i get nothing
im getting [Network error]: FetchError: request to http://reaction.api.reaction.localhost:3000/graphql-alpha failed, reason: connect ECONNREFUSED web_1 | Unable to access the GraphQL API. Is it running and accessible at http://reaction.api.reaction.localhost:3000/graphql-alpha from the Storefront UI server?