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Oct 2018
Yonathan Benolol
Oct 04 2018 08:37 UTC
Hey all :)
Akarshit Wal
Oct 04 2018 08:37 UTC
Yonathan Benolol
Oct 04 2018 08:38 UTC
I am considering Reaction Commerce for my customers (I am freelancing) and wanted to try it out. I'm pretty noob with Docker, but followed the steps from the readme on my digital ocean droplet
It seems to be working, however when I try to access http://<my_public_ip>:3000 I get connection refused
How can I check what would be the issue?
On DO side, there are no firewall or anything supposed to block the connection AFAIK
I just wanted to give it a quick try and roll it quickly :/
Yonathan Benolol
Oct 04 2018 08:46 UTC
Umm after investigating a bit, nothing runs on :3000
The docs are a bit confusing too :/ So I'll ask here, all I want is the backend, I want my custom storefront to connect to it. What do I need? Do I need the whole Reaction-Platform?
Yonathan Benolol
Oct 04 2018 09:23 UTC
I am trying with the reaction-cli, but it seems to force me to run the meteor app :/
Ticean Bennett
Oct 04 2018 22:56 UTC
Hi @Yonben. Yes, you should use the reaction-platform to configure your installation. Once you’ve completed the install, you can run the parts you need. At minimum, you’ll want to run reaction and reaction-hydra.
Daniel Colgan
Oct 04 2018 23:41 UTC

Hello to everyone!
I’m very interesting about reaction-commerce marketplace (plugins/modules), where I can find list of them?
Does reaction-commerce has migration solutions from Magento/WordPress?

Thank you for help!