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Oct 2018
Oct 10 2018 09:38

@zenweasel @pnewell4_twitter How the inventory quantity is being managed in the Catalog Table...because whenever there is low quantity in Customer End..Im able to place more orders than current existing quantity...any help on this ??

This block doesnt executes on customer end in v 1.14

if (currentVariant.inventoryPolicy && totalQuantity > maxQuantity && storedQuantity < maxQuantity && quantity < maxQuantity) { Alerts.inline("Your product quantity has been adjusted to the max quantity in stock", "warning", { placement: "productDetail", i18nKey: "admin.inventoryAlerts.adjustedQuantity", autoHide: 10000 }); quantity = maxQuantity - storedQuantity; totalQuantity = maxQuantity; }

under handleAddToCart method in productDetails.js under /included/product-detail-simple/client/containers/productDetail.js
Oct 10 2018 09:47
I'm able to place more orders than the max quantity..In admin's case the quantity is adjusted since the Products Schema contains the inventory quantity due to which the above code works for admins end..and in case of Customer end under Catalog Schema it fails..any help would be good :(
Janus Reith
Oct 10 2018 15:16
@thegtagamer Is Inventory Policy enabled for your product? And did you also publish these changes to catalog?
Oct 10 2018 16:56
@janus-reith yes I did