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Oct 2018
Oct 11 2018 08:04
Hi there!
Oct 11 2018 08:58

I'm joining you because I'm looking forward to test Reaction Platforme. But I still encounter problems during installation. I have followed the instructions in the doc. I have increase Dockers Memory to be 8Gb & 2Gb for swap.
It seems that multiple problems occur:

  • replica not finished while launching the reaction container
    this problem has been solved with multiple make and docker-compose stop/up

  • I still am not able to launch reaction through the make start action
    So I have installed meteor and reaction-cli and I'm able launch the localhost:3000 but it's not the Platform way.

When trying to launch through make start with container, I have an error:
Error: App failed to start

reaction_1 | Error: App failed to start
reaction_reaction_1 exited with code 1

reaction_1 |This project uses Meteor 1.8, which isn't available on this platform. To work
reaction_1 | with this app on all supported platforms, use
reaction_1 | meteor update --release METEOR@1.8 to pin this app to the newest compatible
reaction_1 | release.
I have done this - directly in the reaction folder - but I'm already up to date...

Any help would be appreciated

Oct 11 2018 09:50

Ok I think I have solved it.
make stop
Delete all images with docker rmi --force [IMAGES]
docker-compose up reaction

And I'm good to go

Justin Anderson
Oct 11 2018 18:11
Hi everyone, hoping you'll join us for the next Reaction Action live on Wed, Oct 17, 8 am PDT. We'll take a deeper dive into Reaction 2.0.0, share product roadmap updates, and host a live Q&A. Register here